Naicos produces and offers numerous products that contain Argan Oil , among which:

  • Anti-eye contour serum to ge to seaweed , which slows down the cellular aging process and the formation of wrinkles thanks to the antioxidant properties of Argan Oil;

  • Firming neck and décolleté cream with seaweed which keeps the skin hydrated and prevents the degradation of collagen structures;

  • Anti-cellulite cream with seaweed which increases skin elasticity and, thanks to the presence of caffeine, stimulates drainage and the removal of liquids;

  • Breast and buttock firming cream with seaweed .

One of the most precious oils offered to us by nature is undoubtedly Argan Oil , rich in properties that make it precious and unique of its kind.

The oil is produced starting from the fruits of Argania spinosa, also called Tree d she V. eng and is typical of the area of Morocco.

The O lio d the Argan it has been used since ancient times thanks to its numerous benefits that the substances that compose it are able to produce.

The oil is composed of:

  • Omega 3;

  • Omega 6;

  • Vitamin E;

  • Vitamin A.

It is mainly used by people who want to take care of their skin, hair and nails.

The Oil d'Argan constitutes one of the essential elements of Anti- to ge thanks to the high content of antioxidants such as Vitamin E, flavonoids and fatty acids that counteract the formation of free radicals. It is able to counteract skin aging by helping to produce collagen and consequently preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Argan Oil it also has a strong hydration and nourishing power for the well-being of the skin and is often used for relaxing massages.

The oil is recommended for those with particularly dry or cracked skin or following exposure to the sun.

Among the numerous properties of Argan Oil its use in hair growth should not be overlooked; it helps to strengthen hair and nails making them stronger and healthier.